?Before the cycling tour
  1. Thoughtful consulting service:? provide cycling tour information and assist you with tour arrangements
  2. Pre-tour Orientation: event/activity introductions, useful cycling tips, and QA
  3. Customized Cycling Tour:
  1. Travel planning and cycling route arrangement base on individual demands, local attractions and refreshments are also included
  2. Provide cycling training courses (additional charges apply)
Cycling Tour Services:
  1. Cycling Tips: riding techniques, bicycle and rider accessory and applications introductions
  2. Support Van: efficient support van resupply services, bicycle delivery, and bicycle storage
  3. Bicycle repair and maintenance: professional technician and tool offers you a carefree cycling tour
  4. Safe Cycling: professional cyclists help manage the trip and accompany you all the way
  5. Cycling Tour Guide: Local attractions introduction
  6. Travel Services: traffics and accommodations arrangements
  7. Travel recording: complete cycling tour photography services
  8. Bicycle Rental Service: high end Giant bicycle rental available
?After the Cycling Tour
  1. Beautiful Memory: the entire events are recorded and uploaded for future download?for you to share these beautiful memories with your family and friends.
  2. Cycling Tour Souvenir: special souvenir custom made for Giant Adventure customers
  3. Cycling Tour Promotions: regular sharing of Giant Adventure promotions